5.300” Bore Space Raised Cam Blocks

If you plan on building a big engine, then you need a 5.300”. This platform uses a minimum bore of 5.0”, and yields engines in excess of 900 cubic inches. These engines make huge power and make them the perfect choice for Pro Nitrous and outlaw racing. The 5300 series are 5.300” bore space splay cap blocks. The 1.917” high cam design is well suited for either the Alan Johnson, Sonny’s GM Hemi or Sonny’s GM Wedge cylinder heads.

5301 Adjusted 5301 reverse adjusted

  • Premium CN Billet material
  • CNC machined at CN Blocks
  • Includes block, caps, main studs, and sleeves installed
  • Deck heights available - Maximum 12.200”
  • Head pattern to match cylinder heads
    Pilcher Matted
  • Big block Chevrolet main size
  • Aluminum main caps
  • Splay bolt main caps (front four)
  • 1/2” main studs
  • +1.917” cam height
  • Cam size to match cam core - 65mm or 70mm
  • Lifter pattern to match cylinder heads
  • Lifter sizes - 1.062”
  • Jesel keyway bushings available
  • No distributor
  • Priority main based oil system
  • Special CN Blocks cam oil cross
  • #12 AN oil inlet
  • Dry sump or external wet sump only
  • Dual starter bosses

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