4.840” Bore Space, Short Deck Big Block Chevrolets

1012W n37 adj
The 1010 block is a billet aluminum replacement for the Big Block Chevrolet Bowtie block. The block features stock bore spacing, stock cam height, and is offered in 9.8” or 10.2” deck heights. This is the only block for racers that desire the ultimate in strength, power, and weight savings. The 1012 and 1016 are splay cap stock bore space BBC based blocks. These blocks are similar to our 1005 and 1007 series blocks. The 1012 features a +.400” high cam and a wide pan rail. The 1016 features a +.600” high cam and a wide pan rail. These are great blocks for over 600 cubic inch motors as the tall cam allows the use of big cam cores. Larger cam cores make more power and have a more stable valve train.

  • Premium CN Billet material
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  • CNC machined by CN Blocks
  • Includes block, caps, main studs, and sleeves installed
  • Stock bore spacing
  • Deck height: 9.8”, 10.2” or 10.7”
  • Stock head bolt pattern
  • Chevrolet main size
  • Aluminum main caps
  • Splay bolt main caps
  • 1/2” main studs
  • Multiple cam journal sizes available
  • Stock lifter angle and spacing
  • Lifter sizes: .842”(stock), or .904”
  • Jesel keyway bushings available
  • Distributor hole available
  • Priority main based oiling
  • Special CN cam oil cross
  • Dry or wet sump oiling
  • 10 3/8” DRCE oil pan pattern

Lightening Option Available

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