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CN Blocks is proud to release the all NEW CN Hemi. This is a true billet aluminum Chrysler Hemi. The block can be used to replace the KB or BAE Hemi blocks. We also have a version designed with a special wide pan for improved windage. These are the only Hemis that are designed specifically for 60mm and 65mm cams. Both versions have been designed to make more power through improved ring seal and improved crankcase windage. To enhance block strength, the CN billet Hemi uses tool steel main studs to hold premium billet main caps that are cross bolted on all 5 main caps.

  • Premium CN Billet material
    2011 Taylor Matted
  • CNC machined by CN Blocks
  • Includes block, caps, main studs, and sleeves installed
  • Deck heights: 10.725”, or 10.825”
  • Standard Chrysler main size
  • All five main caps are cross bolted
  • 9/16” tool steel main studs, 1/2” side bolts
  • +.250 Cam height
  • Cam journal size: 2 1/8, 60mm, or 65mm
  • Lifter spacing: 1.900”(+.100 spread), or 2.00” (+.200 spread)
  • Lifter size: .904”, .936”, 1.0”, or 1.062”
  • Stock distributor location
  • Valley oil scavenge
  • GM starter mounts
  • Can be modified to clear Chrysler starter
  • Dry block
  • Chrysler and GM bell housing pattern
  • Stock Hemi or CN Blocks wide pan pattern
Model 3000 Hemi 2 Model 3010
Picture far left: Standard Hemi Oil Pan - Model 3000
Picture far right: CN Blocks Wide Double Kick Out Oil Pan - Model 3010
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