Cross Bolt Big Block Chevrolets
4.840” & 5.0” Bore Space

These blocks are intended for serious blower racers utilizing BBC based engines. The 1040Y can be used as a replacement block for KB Olds or Arias New Century blocks. The 1041Y raises the cam to +.400” for larger cam cores and better push rod geometry. The 1050Y & 1070Y are cross bolted, 5.0” bore space, BBC blocks. These blocks are intended for use in radical blower combinations. The 1050Y features spread .160” mains and a +.400” high cam, while the 1070Y raises the cam to +1.0”. These blocks allow the motor builder to use bores of 4.600” to 4.750”.
1041y n12 adj 1041Y n16 adj 1041Y n24 adj

  • Premium CN Billet material
  • CNC machined at CN Blocks
  • Includes block, caps, main studs, and sleeves installed
  • Standard deck heights available: 10.2” and 10.7”
  • Optional deck heights from 9.5” to 10.7”
  • Big Block Chevrolet main size
  • Aluminum main caps
  • All 5 main caps are cross bolted
  • 9/16” Tool steel main studs, 1/2” side bolts
  • Cam sizes available: BBC, 2.125” 55mm, 60mm, or 65mm
  • Lifter angle to match cylinder heads
  • Lifter sizes available: .842”, .904”, .936”, 1.00”, or 1.062”
  • Optional Jesel keyway bushings
  • Stock distributor locations or distributor delete
  • Priority main based oil system
  • Special CN Blocks cam oil cross
  • #12 AN oil inlet
  • Wet sump available on 1040Y & 1041Y
  • Dry sump or external wet sump only on 1050Y & 1070Y
  • KB Olds or CN Blocks wide pan pattern
  • GM bell housing pattern
  • Dual started bosses

Also Available With Water Cooling

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